Virtual Data Analysis

Explore the power of data and its ability to power breakthrough possibilities

Data allows us to unearth ideas, to solve problems and grasp opportunities that could change the world. It’s time for you to explore the possibilities of data analytics and discover the insights beneath the data.

In this Services we will provide client following reports:-

  • CFO dashboard
  • Comparing figures across last years
  • Trend and pattern analysis of all the data
  • Analysis any sudden change in figures
  • ABC analysis at all level available
  • Filter options/Drill down option available at every step on all the report  till  transition level
  • User will be able to create their own dashboard as per their requirement
  • Highlighting and displaying % difference comparing last years date
  • Graphics presentation of the data
  • Errors in capturing data (DATA hygiene)/ alternative method/Data normalization (Example in next slides)
  • Connecting / Establishing/Creating relationship between transactions