About Us

Fin-tech start up

CA Sandeep Modi

We are Fin-tech start up having experience in Data Analysis, TAX, Finance, Audit and Technology.

With both functional and technological expertise, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in your automation and analytical journey.


• CA Sandeep Modi
• Sectors :- Insurance, Restaurants, Software, FMCG and Manufacturing


Our mission is to provide our clients with superior quality services in a secure environment, competitively priced and delivered on time, thereby realizing fair compensation for our efforts and investment, enabling FalconX to continue its growth in the market place.


Our vision is to be the market leader in the automation industry. We will confront this challenge by developing innovative marketing and customer service strategies to meet our individual client’s needs. Falcon X has worked for various MNCs and in future will be looking forward to work globally. We will assure our longevity through well-defined and financially driven planning